WINTER – Chagall and Dali: Seeing Inward – Dream or Nightmare?

We explore the surrealistic dream works of Marc Chagall and Salvador Dali. Both artists represent a new form in seeing and perceiving in the 20th century, and both had very particular styles of painting. Surrealists were greatly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s assertion that when waking thoughts are numbed, the child and savage in us takes over. The 20th century gave artists the opportunity to move away from the influence of patronage and explore their own inner thoughts and feelings. Come explore how the nationality, religion, and time period produced the art of seeing inward.                                        

Darby Cartun is a retired fashion model and trade school administrator who earned a BS from Syracuse University, an MA in teaching from Sacred Heart University, and who studied at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has presented Reflections on Art programs for over ten years at senior centers in New Jersey and Connecticut. She hosts a radio talk show: Darby & Friends, on 1490 WGCH AM.

Thursdays, January 11, 18, 25 & February 1, at 1:10pm to 2:50pm, Room E228





Syllabus: Chagall and Dali: Seeing Inward – Dream or Nightmare?
Darby Cartun

Week One
Exploration of Dreams and Nightmares in art from Bosch up to the 20th century Review of Marc Chagall’s early career and the emotional release of dream art

Week Two
How Chagall evolved and employed dream symbols to express deep emotions and point of view

Week Three
Surrealism and Salvador Dali. Andre Breton’s early influence. Struggle with the Catholic Church, and paranoia sexual dreams

Week Four
Compare and contrast the dreamscapes of the two artists
Discuss the exterior world influences that prompted these pieces
Explore why this style gained in momentum in the 20th century