2019 WINTER – Lunch & Learn

WINTER 2019 
Lifetime Learners Institute at NCC

Refreshments start at 12:15pm 
Presentation at 1:00-2:00pm
Location: Forum Auditorium, East campus
Members must show NCC Photo ID with current LLI sticker


January 18 –  Connecticut’s Transportation Crisis

Norwalk Hour newspaper columnist and commentator Jim Cameron joins us to talk about transportation’s crucial role in our state’s economy. The author of the weekly column “Getting There,” Cameron writes about trains, trucks, rails, roads and air travel.

Jim Cameron is a former Peabody award-winning journalist at NBC News, where he served for 19 years on the Metro-North Commuter Rail Council, advocating for commuters. More recently he has been a strong advocate for tolls, gasoline tax increases and user fees to fund badly needed repairs on our roads.



January 25 – The Sunken Gold
Please note, this presentation will be held in the PepsiCo Theater

On January 25, 1917, the British ship HMS Laurentic struck two German mines and sank off the coast of Ireland. The ship was carrying 44 tons of gold bullion to the still-neutral United States to help finance Britain’s war effort. The Sunken Gold is the story of the covert mission by the British Navy to recover the sunken treasure. It is an exciting tale of maritime adventure, politics, espionage and the dedication and bravery of the Lieutenant Commander in charge of the operation.

Joseph Williams is a librarian, archivist and historian, with master’s degrees in history and library and information science. He served as the Head of Collections and Assistant Director of the SUNY Maritime College’s Stephen B. Luce Library, which specializes in nautical research. Currently, he is the Deputy Director of the Greenwich Library. He has published numerous articles in the fields of maritime history and librarianship. The Sunken Gold is his third book.


February 1 – From Grunts to Tweets: The History of Human Communication

Have you ever wondered how and why speech arose? Why are we the only species to develop language? How much do you know about the written word and other more advanced forms of communication? We attempt to answer these questions and look at the science, speculation and popular myths that surround language.  The most remarkable tool in our expanding toolkit is language, the primary instrument we use for communication. We cover the development of both spoken and written language, electric/electronic communication and the possibility of neural communication or telepathy.

Richard Frisch has been entertaining and teaching groups about technology-related topics for over a decade.  He runs RHFTech, which provides tech guidance and support to small businesses and has over 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector.


February 8 – The Algonquin Roundtable

We review the public life of Dorothy Parker, the famous 20th Century writer, poet, literary critic, journalist and overall wit of the 1930s era and was especially famous for her one-liners while a member of the Algonquin Roundtable in New York City. She actually made her long lasting mark as a young woman writing advertising copy and came up with the line “brevity is the soul of lingerie.” Ms. Parker became a successful Hollywood screenplay writer with popular movie credits such as A Star is Born and Saboteur. Utilizing a photographic PowerPoint slide program, we review her celebrated life, which shows that in addition to being famous, she was a deeply depressed person and that her life had many tragic aspects.

David Shafer has been a popular LLI instructor on opera and a frequent Lunch & Learn presenter on a variety of other interesting subjects. He has a long career designing camera lenses, telescopes and microscopes, some of which have been on NASA’s space flights.