WINTER – Lunch & Learn

WINTER 2018  
Lifetime Learners Institute

Refreshments start at 12:15pm 
Presentation at 1:00-2:00pm
Location: Forum Auditorium, East campus
Members must show NCC Photo ID with current LLI sticker


January 12 – Bob Duff –Majority Leader Connecticut State Senate

Connecticut faces one of the greatest financial crises in its history, with a deficit of $3.5 billion! Norwalk State Senator Bob Duff, Majority Leader of the State Senate, is one of the most influential members of the state legislature. He will provide an insider’s point of view, describing how the state slid into this hole, and how it will dig itself out.

Senator Bob Duff represents the 25th State Senatorial District, which includes Norwalk and Darien. He was chosen by his colleagues in 2015, and again in 2017, to serve as the Democratic Majority Leader. Throughout his legislative career, Bob has been honored by many local and national organizations. Senator Duff has helped to secure funding for several improvements in the Norwalk area. He has worked as a real estate professional for 21 years, and is affiliated with the Norwalk office of William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty.



January 19 – The Music In My Life!

The book The Music In My Life! is the autobiography of famous opera singer Betty Jones—who, at the improbable age of 41, went from being a full-time mother who sang alto at Wilton Congregational Church for 20 years to auditioning for the New York City Opera. There, she was accepted to sing Verdi and Wagner, and her opera career skyrocketed: working with Leonard Bernstein and Arthur Fiedler, singing with the likes of Luciano Pavarotti, and gracing the stage at Carnegie Hall and many of the world’s finest other opera companies. Doug Jones, her husband of 40 years, discusses this book, and you will be able to meet Betty and hear excerpts from some of her recordings, see her publicity pictures, as well as hear anecdotes and highlights of her renowned career.

Eugene Douglas Jones Jr., is a popular public speaker in the area. After his service as a US Army officer in World War II, he had his own interesting career as a Civil Engineer serving as an urban and transportation planner throughout the US, as well as internationally.



January 26 – A Mysterious Disappearance in Africa : A True Story

1960: Medical missionary Albert Schweitzer; a young American man’s death in the Congo; a heartbroken eleven-year-old girl.

Authors Clarinda Higgins and William Armstrong explore these themes by describing their journey to discover how Ms. Higgins’ beloved cousin Mark Higgins embarked on a quest for self-actualization by landing a job working for Albert Schweitzer at his jungle clinic. He then traveled 2,000 miles solo across the Heart of Darkness where he disappeared — but not without creating an enduring legacy. This engaging presentation based on their book: Against the Current: How Albert Schweitzer Inspired a Young Man’s Journey entails an adventure, a mystery, and inspiration.

Clarinda Higgins is a national award-winning teacher and marine educator, who is active in Westport-area civic and environmental affairs. She has traveled widely in third-world countries seeking authentic experiences.

William Armstrong, a former Associated Press reporter, worked for 20 years as a public relations executive in New York, and has written several specialty books. He served as a U.S. Navy public affairs officer, retiring with the rank of Captain. He is a director of The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship. 


February 2 – Using Water Wisely: Will we be replacing our lawns with gravel?

We all need water – for consumption, fire protection, irrigation and a multitude of other essential purposes. But in 2016, southwestern Connecticut experienced its fifth-worst drought since 1895. This informative presentation discusses the recent drought conditions in our area and the actions taken by Aquarion Water Company – which supplies water to much of Fairfield County – to manage supply and reduce demand for this critical resource. The presentation also discusses a number of water efficiencies that can easily and inexpensively be implemented to help ensure the wise use of water going forward.

Twig Holland is a graduate of Fairfield University. She previously served as the director of purchasing for the Town of Fairfield, and now is the public information coordinator for Aquarion Water Company. Among other responsibilities, Twig was Aquarion’s point person in communicating with customers and working with school systems to address concerns following the disclosure of high levels of lead in the water supply for Flint, Michigan. She has also served and continues to serve a key role for Aquarion in discussing drought and water-conservation issues with local community groups and schools.