Winter Fridays

A Medley of Arts
Fridays, 10:15 AM – Noon

Room: West 101

Charles Lamb has arranged a series on the many fascinating facets of the arts presented by accomplished practicing artists and teachers.

January 31- The Cardboard Bernini
Jimmy Grashow
A film about artist Jimmy Grashow’s three year project designing and building a large scale corrugated fountain.  Part of his “Great Monkey” project was exhibited in the NCC gallery and influenced the student artists who made the
cardboard sculptures seen in the college halls and the atrium.
Jimmy Grashow is a well known wood cut artist whose prints have appeared in the New York Times and  periodicals throughout the country.  He lives in Connecticut and is a graduate of Pratt Institute, BFA and MFA and recipient of a Fulbright travel grant.


February 7- Diversity
Dave Pressler
Artist, Photographer and Designer Dave Pressler has selected a stimulating and broad variety of his work, in different categories, to demonstrate how the creative process of observation, imagination and exploration can yield multiple forms of expression, using various mediums to communicate specific subjects.

Dave Pressler holds a BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design.  Mr. Pressler is a member of Lifetime Learners and President of Synapsis Corporation, a design and art communications firm and a Principal of Blackburn Pressler Associates, a corporate identity and communications consultancy.


February 14- Wright in Our Neighborhood
Nancy Gluck
An illustrated lecture about American architect Frank Lloyd Wright beginning with a brief biography and a look at the types of buildings he designed. This will be followed by a survey of buildings that may be visited in our area, from a synagogue in Philadelphia to a museum in New York to houses in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Nancy Gluck is a past president of Lifetime Learners and has facilitated many courses.  on a variety of history subjects.  She is an ardent fan of Frank Lloyd Wright.


February 21- Origami Repeat
Louise Flax
Louise will lead the class in a number of simple folds, the origami logo sail boat, the flapping bird, the tsuru crane and other models based on the preliminary base as time allows.  Each class member will be able to take home a beautiful creation of their own.  The facilitator will provide paper.  Participants should bring a pen, marker or a bone folder to make sharp, accurate folds.

Louise Flax has been folding since she was a child. Her instructor was Lillian Oppenheimer, one of the founders of Origami USA. She has taught Origami in many places form Tsuchiura, Japan to New York City.


February 28- How We See
David Dunlop
Artist, lecturer and teacher David Dunlop will discuss and illustrate how we make choices for a meal a shirt or a painting. This talk considers how perception works.  It explores how we visually translate and navigate the chaos that
surrounds us and how culture directs our view of the world.

David Dunlop’s work has been shown internationally and is in major corporate collections throughout the nation. In 2012 his art explorations were produced in a 13 episode PBS television series entitled: “Landscapes through Time with David Dunlop.”