Winter Friday Lunch & Learn

Winter Fridays – Lunch & Learn 
Time: 12:15pm – 2:00pm 
Room: Forum, East Campus

 January 23 - Nobel Prize Winner Richard Feynman LNL Richard Feynman O ring
Richard Feynman, a larger than life personality, famous for his pranks and exploits, was called the “Elvis of physics.” A Nobel Prize scientist with a genius IQ, he is known for his contributions to the Manhattan Project, his standing-room only physics lectures and as a best-selling author. Riding a unicycle, cracking safes and other antics made him the subject of countless anecdotes. The slideshow and narration looks at the man behind the popular myths.
David Shafer is a regular LLI Facilitator specializing in courses on opera. His career the past 50 years has been designing optical systems. He has over 125 patents for camera lenses, telescopes and microscopes. One of his unusual telescope designs was used on both the Cassini spacecraft to Saturn, and on the recent Rosetta mission to land on the comet.

January 30 – Music Theatre of Connecticut 
The facilitator talks about what a professional director and producer does, what MTC is and musical theater in general. He gives a thumbnail history on how the group began and where they are today. Following that, he will introduce a Broadway actor and conduct an interview with audience participation, in the style of “Inside the Actors Studio.”
Kevin Connors is a founder and Executive Artistic Director of Music Theatre of Connecticut. An active producer/director, writer and composer, he conducts classes for aspiring thespians. He has served as an adjunct professor of music theatre in several college BFA programs.

February 6 – Easter Island LNL Easter Island
Easter Island is located in the Pacific Ocean, 2,300 miles off the west coast of Chili. The Drexlers take us on a journey through the island, which was discovered in 1722 on Easter Sunday. Chili took possession of the island in 1888. It is now a national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Marion and Milton Drexler are world travelers who have sailed the seven seas and visited all the continents. They will take us through their exciting experiences on their trip exploring the incredible sites on Easter Island.

 February 13 – League of Women Voters 
The League is a non-partisan organization that encourages informal and active participation in government. It works to increase better understanding of major public policies through education and advocacy. The speaker provides background data on government and changes in voting in Connecticut.
Mary Oster, a longtime member of the League and a former elementary school teacher, is currently a Norwalk Early Childhood Counsel Co-coordinator.

Einstein Bicycle