Why and How to Join

Eligibility: Membership is open to all persons aged 50 and over.
Membership dues: $50 for one full year (4 terms).

LLI offers four sessions:

  • Fall:  Mid-September to early November. In Fall and Spring, over 40 courses are offered each term, plus Lunch & Learn on Fridays.
  • Spring: Mid-March to early May.  
  • Winter session: Mid-January to mid-February. Four weeks of daily classes for members–many are free–plus Lunch & Learn on Fridays. 
  • Summer session: mid-July to early August (no Lunch & Learn)

Members can:

  • Enroll in courses for $30-40 per course, per term
  • Attend the Friday Brown Bag Lunch & Learn programs – a social hour with refreshments, plus a different guest speaker each week of the term
  • Enjoy up to 10 days of FREE Winter classes, plus paid courses
  • Receive course catalogs
  • Receive LLInes, the LLI newsletter
  • Volunteer to help run LLI
  • Volunteer to be a Instructor
  • Use the NCC facilities 



Membership terms

When you join LLI your membership lasts for one full year (4 terms).
When you join, you will be sent instructions to obtain your NCC Photo ID card, and affix your LLI expiration sticker to that card. 

The NCC Photo ID with current LLI sticker is required for admission to NCC campus and all classes.