Summer – Delacroix & Renoir-CLOSED

Delacroix & Renoir: The Violent Romantic and the Romantic Impressionist 

Fridays, 10:10-11:50am 

July 19, 26, August  2, 9

Come explore the passion and violence of Delacroix! He captured the imagination of the people of his time with exotic turbaned characters and wild lions and took us to the realm of Sir Walter Scott as well as that of the Crusaders.

Then cool your excitement and passion with Renoir’s soothing Impressionistic scenes of the bourgeoisie. Dance, travel to Normandy on holiday, have lunch on the Seine or just relax in the company of a beautiful young nude. Be part of the romantic period of Renoir.

Darby Cartun received a BS from Syracuse University and a MAT from Sacred Heart University.  She is a passionate lover of the arts with a desire to share ideas and theories. Her radio talk broadcast is heard on 1490 WGCH every weekday afternoon, 12:30pm-1:00pm (