Summer – American Gulag

The American Gulag
Thursdays at 1:10-2:50pm
July 18, 25, Aug 1, 8

This course identifies a shameful error in American history:  Slavery.  We begin with the abduction of Africans from their homeland to their transplantation thousands of miles into a totally foreign environment.  Those who had professed themselves champions of States Rights and the precepts of the American Constitution in the end practiced a system of suppression relegating their fellow Man to the depths of unbridled servitude.
Mark Albertson is the historical research editor of Army Aviation magazine in Monroe, and is the historian of the Army Aviation Association of America.  He has written several books, among them They’ll Have to Follow You!  The Triumph of the Great White Fleet.  An avid speaker, Mark travels Connecticut presenting on topics of history, politics and current events.