SUMMER 2018: Politics of the Dollar


To many Americans, the Dollar is little more than their medium of exchange: that Greenback which provides the ability to buy and sell, save and invest…   Yet, the brutal fact is that this paper bludgeon is magnificently masked in a garb of deceptive flimsiness, a cudgel with an intimidation factor far more persuasive than any living and breathing soldier, sailor or marine. Every dollar is another paper legionnaire, or beefeater of American Capitalism; a mindless, obedient servant, faithful to a fault . . . ready, willing and able to sacrifice itself on the remorseless battlefield of Realpolitik, to buy, subvert and coerce friend and foe alike in the service of Pax Americana.  

Mark Albertson is the historical research editor at Army Aviation magazine in Monroe; and, is the historian for the Army Aviation Association of America. He has authored several books, including, They’ll Have to Follow You: The Triumph of the Great White Fleet.                        

Four sessions Tuesdays, July 10, 17, 24, 31, at 3:10-4:50pm