How You Can Help

LLI is a volunteer organization run by its members — who find that getting involved is a rewarding part of the LLI experience.
Lifetime Learners needs a lot of different helpers to continue its successful programs. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Assist. Be a Class Assistant to take attendance, make announcements for classes I which you are enrolled
  • Write – for the newsletter, for the catalog, for our brochures and flyers.
  • Curriculum – participate in recruiting new instructors and managing the courses for each term.
  • Answer our telephones. Listen up, take messages, provide information.
  • Register. Assist at registration with people, paper and money.
  • Get out the mail. Fold, stuff, seal, stamp, count – while chatting cheerfully.
  • Be hospitable. Meet and greet and serve the coffee.
  • Plan: lectures, meetings, parties and luncheons.
  • Get in touch. Contact members about opportunities at LLI.

How to volunteer Send an email to
Please be as specific as possible about which roles or tasks you wish to volunteer for, from the above list.