How You Can Help

LLI is a volunteer organization run by its members — who find that getting involved is a rewarding part of the LLI experience.

Lifetime Learners needs a lot of different helpers to continue its successful programs.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Take pictures. Attend classes and events and capture the scene.
  • Assist. Be a Class Assistant to take attendance, make announcements.
  • Publish! Help us prepare our publications in the Publisher program.
  • Write – for the newsletter, for the catalog, for our brochures and flyers.
  • Monitor our email. Read and respond.
  • Answer our telephones. Listen up, take messages, provide information.
  • Register. Assist at registration with people, paper and money.
  • Be creative. Learn to create forms to collect information.
  • Compute. LLI uses several programs – and it’s an opportunity to learn.
  • Buy stuff, mostly for the office.
  • Get out the mail. Fold, stuff, seal, stamp, count – while chatting cheerfully.
  • Be hospitable. Meet and greet and serve the coffee.
  • Plan: lectures, meetings, parties, luncheons, and trips.
  • Reserve. Make classroom and meeting room reservations.
  • Get in touch. Contact members about opportunities at LLI.

How to volunteer

Send an email to

Or complete and mail the Member Profile Form