How LLI Does It

Most of the folks who run LLI gather at annual recognition luncheon.

Lifetime Learners, with over 900 members, is run almost entirely by volunteers.

A Board of Directors, volunteers elected annually from the membership, sets policies and controls our finances. Day-to-day work is done by committees manned by members.

Facilitators of 50+ courses receive a modest honorarium for teaching. Many of them also help to run the organization. Every May, well over 100 LLI volunteers gather at a luncheon held in their honor.


Why do so many members pitch in?

“Lifetime Learners is a great organization because of what it does for lifelong learning. Another great thing about it is that it’s a place where we can all find opportunities to do the kinds of things we like to do. That’s a dirty little secret about volunteering. We help run LLI, and that’s surely a good thing. But at the same time we can do what we do best, and have fun doing it.”  Mike Mugnolo

Doing what they like to do

Some of the people who work for LLI are doing what they did in their previous lives. Budd Schwartz, a CPA, has been our treasurer for years. Vivian Williams, who ran events for Fuji Film, became part of the Special Events committee, then Chair, then President of LLI.
Others have found ways to do something different in retirement. Mike Mugnolo is a CPA, but instead of keeping books, he teaches economics for LLI. Nancy Gluck, whose career was in computer training, puts her computer skills to work in managing the LLI membership database, and also teaches classes on a broad range of subjects that interest her. Mike and Nancy are both past-Presidents of LLI.

Finding your place in the LLI community

If you are not active already, do think about what YOU like to do, and see if there’s a place where you can do it here. Do you like to manage things? You could become a committee chair and move on to the Board of Directors. Would you like to help out just now and then? You could help with mailings and telephoning. Would you like to share your passion for a particular subject? Think about becoming a facilitator.

How you can help