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Thursday, September 24 -Youth vs. Maturity                               5:30 pm – 7:00pm


Join us for a non-scientific analysis of the distinguishing qualities and characteristics typical of each group. Class participation in establishing a list of these qualities and characteristics is encouraged. Differences between some of the youth and maturity traits are illustrated with entertaining and informative videos.


Roman Laszuk earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Toledo in Ohio. He spent 30 years of his business career with General Motors as an electrical engineering and information technology professional. He realized, after starting his retirement, that YOUTH and MATURE generations have different ways of enjoyment and appreciation of life. The study of these differences has been a main project of his retired life during the last five years. He is currently Second Vice President of LLI and chair of the Special Events Committee.


Thursday, October 1 – Cultivating a Sustainable Lifestyle           7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Participate in an interactive presentation to learn ways, both big and small, to change our lifestyles to live more sustainably. The cost of doing nothing is prohibitive so we cannot continue with business as usual. Our personal choices have a big impact on the earth. Topics include zero waste, zero emissions, non-toxic home and personal care, pollinator-friendly yards and gardens, local and organic food and the circular economy.


Analiese Paik is a sustainability champion and founder and CEO of Sustainne, a company dedicated to uniting, nurturing and growing a community dedicated to sustainable living. She works with area nonprofits, organizations, clubs, educational institutions and corporations to educate, inform, inspire and empower their members, employees and students to take personal action to live more sustainably every day. Analiese is a member of the leadership team of the Electric Vehicle Club of CT, a member of Sustainable Fairfield County and an active advocate with various nonprofits paving the way to a sustainable future.


Jack Egan is a chairperson of the Connecticut Chapter of Surfrider Foundation which is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. With his group of volunteers, he performs monthly beach cleanups, lobbies local municipalities to pass ordinances banning single-use disposable plastic and conducts educational sessions at schools, colleges and civic organizations.