LNL May 5: A Humorous Guide to Better Photography

Lunch & Learn
Refreshments at 12:15pm 
Presentation at 1:00pm
Forum auditorium, East campus 
NCC Photo ID Required


LNL Photography

May 5, 2017 – A Humorous Guide to Better Photography

Many of us have seen vacation photo shows from our family and friends, squinting through the darkness to see scenic pictures or people that are too far away or too dark to be recognized. Whether you have old camera equipment or use a smart phone to take pictures, this presentation tells you how to take better photographs while being entertained with humorous pictures and cartoons demonstrating the do’s and don’ts of photography.

David Shafer has been teaching serious courses on opera for Lifetime Learners Institute for the past several years. He also has previously performed many interesting and humorous Friday Lunch & Learn presentations for us on a variety of interesting subjects.   Career-wise, he has been designing camera lenses, telescopes and microscopes which resulted in some of his devices have been on space flights to Saturn.