LNL April 28 Connecticut Air & Space Center

Lunch & Learn
Refreshments at 12:15pm 
Presentation at 1:00pm
Forum auditorium, East campus 
NCC Photo ID Required

LNL CT Air n Space Center

This non-profit all volunteer museum is located adjacent to the Bridgeport Airport in nearby Stratford, CT, on a site which is truly unique in global aviation history. It was Igor Sikorsky‚Äôs first factory in Connecticut and where the first practical helicopter flight took place (piloted by Igor Sikorsky himself). During WWII the Chance Vought Aircraft Company designed and produced thousands of aircraft, including the famous Corsair fighter planes which played a major role in winning the War in the Pacific.¬† Their mission statement is ‚ÄúTo Honor, Preserve and Educate‚ÄĚ by honoring the State‚Äôs global aviation pioneers like Gustave Whitehead, and by preserving Connecticut‚Äôs aviation history through artifacts preservation and aircraft restoration, while educating current and future generations through their extensive exhibits and public presentations.

This multi-media presentation will be conducted by the museum’s business president, Eugene Madara and their senior engineering manager and treasurer, Edward McGuinness.