LNL April 21 – Evolution of American Newspapers

Lunch & Learn
Refreshments at 12:15pm 
Presentation at 1:00pm
Forum auditorium, East campus 
NCC Photo ID Required


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April 21 - Evolution of American Newspapers

This presentation discusses and demonstrate with local Connecticut examples the changes that happened since newspapers were originally printed only as one-page broadsides for an elite readership during colonial America. We cover centuries of newspaper history and review the impact of the American Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, the rise of American literacy, advance of radio, television and, of course, the internet. We also compare today’s modern newspaper industry with its competition and its reliance on today’s technological advances and comment on national newspaper trends.

Janeen Bjork has combined 30 years of experience as a television researcher and presenter with her love of genealogy. In fact, she recently facilitated classes on the subject for LLI for three levels of students: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Her enthusiasm for newspapers as a genealogy tool has inspired her and others to search for ‚Äúthe rest of their story‚ÄĚ.