Spy Tales from World War II, W101 -CLOSED

Spy Tales


3:10 PM – 4:50 PM

7/13, 7/20, 7/27, 8/3


It goes without saying that war and spying are connected. In World War II there are so many fascinating spy tales that it’s almost impossible to choose which to study. This course has settled on spies whose exploits are outrageously daring and some who were not spies at all but accomplished more and did better work than trained operatives. We study the reasons why each got involved, consider the outcomes of their endeavors and lastly, how effective the efforts were of each of these spies.


Syllabus: Spy Tales from World War II, Richard Di Vecchio

Session One: In the first part of session one concerns the story of German General Rommel best source of British intelligence who happened to be a United States Army officer, West Point graduate and confident of General Douglas MacArthur. In the second part the discussion centers on the gripping tale of a Japanese baron’s contribution as one of the Allies greatest sources of valuable information.

 Session Two: It is hard to find a more riveting account of a spy who never knew was a spy but who accomplished so much more than most. The unrelated story of a one-legged super-spy who parachuted into German occupied territory; and that she was a woman.

Session Three: The United States depends on counter-spies to get information, but to get what is needed requires putting people in grave danger. These are narratives of two very daring spies who gave the U.S. invaluable material.

Session Four: When we think of spies, we think of men or women who operate in enemy countries and who are subject to danger, even death. Some however never step foot in an enemy camp. These are the yarns of two such spies who nevertheless carried out some incredible achievements.


Facilitator: Richard Di Vecchio

Richard Di Vecchio is a student of history who has taught many courses on historical subjects, including The American Presidents, America’s Secret Services, Espionage and more at LLI and other venues.