Let the blogging begin!


First of all, the word “Blog” is a shortened form of “WebLog.”

So, a Blog is simply a log, or report of our activity.

Now, all of you Star Trek fans out there know about the “Captain’s Log.”  It was basically Captain Kirk’s colorful record of the adventures of the Starship Enterprise.

Well, our Blog will report about what’s going on here at Lifetime Learners, as we go boldly in search of new worlds of learning.


We’re doing it to help you, our members, have one more way to connect with us.

Our Blog will have news, thought pieces, profiles, schedules and more. Our Blog can be whatever we make it. In addition to helping our members stay on top of things here at LLI, our blog will also help spread the word about us to the world. Because it resides on our website, it will be picked up by search engines like Google. This will make it easier for new people to find out about LLI when they search for educational programs in our area. Of course, the BEST way to spread the word about LLI is “tell a friend.”  SO TELL A FRIEND!  😀


As I mentioned, our blog will reside on our LLI Website. Once you’re on our website, just click on the LLI BLOG link on the left side menu, Or click the “Continue reading” button under the blog thumbnail picture. Our plan is to add blog posts at least twice a month. The nice thing about a blog is we can post any time we have something to say. When new posts are added, you can still access old ones. Also, our blog will eventually work in sync with our social media pages (e.g. Facebook. )  


I have volunteered to use my years of copy writing experience to be the Editor.  Some blog posts will be written by me. I will also invite LLI instructors and members to write guest Blog posts, in areas of their expertise. (We do have quite an amazing student body here to draw upon). 

I encourage all of you to visit our new LLI Blog often. Posts will change frequently. But don’t worry. If you miss something, you can always go through our Blog to check out past posts.

I sincerely hope our blog helps you stay informed on all things LLI.  

Be safe. Stay well. 

Frank Izzo, Editor