2020 WINTER – FRIDAY Lunch & Learn


Lifetime Learners Institute at NCC

Free Class 10:10-11:50am, W129

Refreshments start at 12:15pm  West Cafeteria
Presentation at 1:00-2:15pm,  W121
Location: West Campus
Members must show NCC Photo ID with current LLI sticker


January 17 – How to Live to Be 100
What are the right steps to take to live healthily to 100? We know the obvious ones –exercise, eat properly and don’t smoke. But are there other things we should do? What medical tests should we take? What are the best foods to eat? Should we take supplements? If so, what kind? These and other questions are answered in this informative and lively presentation. 

Dr. Edward Schuster is a cardiologist at Stamford Hospital with an interest in preventative cardiology. Over the years he has received many honors including Teacher of the Year at Stamford Hospital and US, Connecticut and Westchester Best Doctors.


January 24 – Therapy Dogs

What process does a dog and its handler go through to become a therapy dog team?  We gain an understanding of what kind of dog qualifies to be a therapy dog as well as what is the difference between service and an emotional support dog. The speaker presents videos of dogs at work, visiting hospitals, schools and libraries.  

Judith P. Audevard and her therapy dogs have worked at various hospitals, assisted living facilities, and schools and colleges in New York and Connecticut. She participates in pre- and post-deployment yellow ribbon events for the military. She is Founder/President of the Hudson Valley Paws for a Cause Pet Therapy Group which was launched in September 2010. She currently supervises a group of over 100 volunteers and their pet partners. 


January 31 – Art & Conservation – Working Together to Save Endangered Species

Artist Alison Nicholls discusses how she uses her art to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of endangered species in Africa. She talks about her Conservation Sketching Expeditions and how working with conservationists informed her opinions and changed her art. We learn how art and conservation can be used together, both in Africa and here in the US, to help conserve Africa’s iconic wildlife species.  

Alison Nicholls is an artist inspired by Africa. She lived in Botswana and Zimbabwe for several years and returns regularly to sketch in the bush, work with conservation organizations and lead art safaris for Africa Geographic. She is a member of the Explorers Club and the Salmagundi Club and is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation. Visit her website www.ArtInspiredbyAfrica.com.


February 7 – Untold Stories–Lend Me Your Ear                                                                                
Storytelling for adults is trending.  Captivated audiences are flocking to live performances because listening to narratives makes them feel good. Stories transport listeners to another place, another time and transform perceptions about people, places and things. Stories have the power to spark beautiful new connections and enable learning that sticks.  Nina Lesiga shares the “state of the art” in personal storytelling telling her true stories told without using any notes. 

Nina Lesiga is a storyteller and a ukulelist. She’s performed at various festivals in New York City, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. Nina is one of the organizers of a visual storytelling event named PechaKucha Night Bridgeport.  She began performing as a storyteller and a musician following a 30-year career as a corporate chemist.